they killed my best friend


au where alby and minho rate all the guys in the glade and minho’s like “what about newt he seems like 5ish you know just ordinary” and alby pinches him and growls “he’s definitely an 8 you fuckhead” 


Newt’s audio from WCKDISGOOD.COM


  Subject Profile: A8 - Newt (x)


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tmr movie au where everything is the same but the WCKD cameras have proper quality

W I C K E D  I S  G O O D 

the maze  runner racebentsuraj sharma as thomas


» trenderesa au - in which brenda shamelessly flirts her way into the school’s golden couple.

"Thomas, I think Brenda is sleeping with your girlfriend" Minho notices. Thomas doesn’t believe.
"Don’t need to get jealous, Tom" Teresa jokes when he asks her.
He can’t say no when Brenda knocks on his door. He tried to be jealous of them. Fails. (Gets aroused instead).
"And then when I kiss Teresa I can only think of her and Brenda together, and should make me angry, but doesn’t" He tells Minho. "Then go out on a date" Minho suggests.Thomas does. He also invites Teresa."Brenda she is our girlfriend" he introduces her from now on.(that was not what Minho suggested)



  Subject Profile: Incomplete Profiles Part 1 (x)